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Ghosts of the Past () 2007-01-17
For those of you that don’t know – I live by myself. Now that winter truly seems to be here, I have only been heating the living room in my house (with a space heater). The living room has become my office, my bedroom, and my changing room. This one room stays between 65F and 70F while rest of the house seems to hold around 49F. Anyways, I came home tonight and went up to my living room/office to do some work on the computer.

Vic’s wedding

Kristin’s wedding

Vietnam Vet Christmas party

After the champagne runs dry () 2007-01-03
New Year’s Eve 2006 has come and gone. My “party” if you can still call it that was a lot smaller than planned, but still an enjoyable evening. The end of December has given me a lot of of time to reflect on the past year or so, on where I am, and think about what I want to do next. Reflection:In April of ‘05, I got home from my second trip to Iraq.

End of the year () 2006-12-31
Several interesting things (to me at least) have occurred recently. For the most part I’ve been spending my time doing wireless installs and network troubleshooting for Skyweb down in Berkeley Springs. Robin and her family has had a few rough spots recently. Her Uncle Lonnie died on the 20th, we had the viewing on the 22nd and the funeral the next day. The day after, she nailed a deer with her car, and then the day after that, her sister’s fiance’s great grandfather died.

How to write more better

November’s Gone? () 2006-12-01
For my part, I can’t believe that August is already here. Wait.. it’s December? Well, so much for having all that spare time. Anyways, I’ve updated a lot of pictures from the last several months, so feel free to check them out. Robin and I went to this year’s Marine Corp Ball and had a blast. I went in an actual suit this year – it was picked out to match Robin’s dress.

Even more undignified () 2006-11-11
This song is inspired by 2nd Samuel 6. At the time, King David was so wrapped up in his worship of God that he was leaping about, dancing and twirling and probably doing some cartwheels in the street. His wife, upon seeing this, was shocked and yelled at him about it. David responded “I will play music before the LORD. And I will be even more undignified than this, and will be humble in my own sight.

godaddy has gone down 45 minutes now () 2006-10-13
Around 11am today I noticed godaddy was down. I would be laughin, except I need to get in there to set something up. How long will this last? Server objecterror ‘ASP 0177 : 800706be’Server.CreateObject Failed/gdshop/i_shop.asp, line 83800706be

Slides about a library in general () 2006-10-11
As found when cleaning out the old shop.

It almost makes sense, SpamSense (#spam ) 2006-10-08
I’ve been noticing computer generated poetry in spam for a while now, but this one really inspired me. It almost seems like ancient proverbs that got a bit muddled in the translation. “It takes a real fruitcake to avoid contact with the scythe.” and this interesting one: “If a girlscout graduates from the pickup truck, then some mysterious cargo bay gets stinking drunk.” (We’ve come a long way from when I first noticed spam poetry.

History () 2006-09-17
First off, if you’re a regular visitor, you’ll notice that for the first time in over 3 years, we have radically changed our site design and moved to a more “standard” platform for publishing articles and rants. Please read the Site Historyfor more information on this change. Also take note that we will be moving away from using numbers to using names. Speaking of history, my Aunt Dorothy turned 80 just a little bit ago.

211 () 2006-08-30
Things have been moving really fast recently. I bought a house, a Jeep, joined the chamber, bought an ISP, and am working on starting a broadband Internet company as well. Since events in my life have been moving faster than I have been able to keep up with, I have worked out a few additional goals/ideals/resolutions to work into my existing set. These new ones include:


209 () 2006-08-19
The times seem so exciting but what’s with all the rhyming? I met my girlfriend Robinin DecemberBut it feels like we’ve been together forever. In March I parted ways with the MarineCorp. I won’t be going to Iraqany more. I bought my housein May. It’s a nice place to stay. My parents have been married for 40 years. We celebratedwith crabs, hot dogs, and beers.


207 () 2006-07-24
Many people have debated about the existence and nature of the Internet. While most people generally agree and believe in the general concept of an Internet, some will argue that it isn’t truly real. However, the majority of people that do believe in the Internet believe that the Internet can be whatever you believe it to be. “What you believe is true for you, and what I believe is true for me.

205 () 2006-07-22
Vacation ends. A lovely week down at the beach. Essentially I can just walk barefoot out the door, wander down the hall, down the steps, and I’m on the beach. I spent some time in the ocean, time at the pool, but I got sunburnt on the neck during miniature golfing. Robin, who constantly lathered up with sunscreen, got burnt really bad. All in all though, the beach is a nice place to visit, but it’s definately not a place I would choose to live at.

204 () 2006-07-14
Got up this morning at 2:50 am, left around 3:10, on I-70 around 4am (stopped for gas and to check the luggage rack). It’s now 10am and we’re travelling through North Carolina. I’m connected via cell, travelling about 75mph on I-95, sharing my connection with Robin via a wi-fi ad-hoc network. I left it open, so if anyone is on I-95 around mile marker 127… hop on and keep up!

203 () 2006-06-19
More time has passed and more things are afoot. I have officially moved into the house, and I even have a sign set up out front (a temporary one). I spoke with my existing landlord about the old property and if we can get someone ready to move in, then I can get out of my lease early. I have been kept pretty busy trying to balance everything out. Like most of my friends, I actually like keeping busy and having a hectic schedule.

202 () 2006-05-13
The best way to find out if things are going on in my life is to see how much I post on here. The more I post, the less is going on. I’ve been eyeing up this house across town that has come up for sale. It’s got a full living area upstairs – 1 bedroom, 1 living room (that is large enough to split into another bedroom), full kitchen and bathroom.

201 () 2006-04-19
In keeping with posting about scams that have affected me: I noticed a $10 charge on my bank account this month, and the carge actually reads: “WLISHOPPERDISCOUNT 800-889-8776”. At first, I just did a search on “WLISHOPPERDISCOUNT” and came up with shopperdiscountsandrewards.comas the first link. I don’t know what I went through that signed me up for the service, but when I called up, they didn’t give me any hassle in cancelling the service and refunding the charge.

200 () 2006-03-30
so I got up this morning around 8:30 and thought of all those poor people I know that have been up for over 4 hours already and have been hard at work since the sun came up. I could be one of those people, but curiously enough, I am not. I think that’s because in the beginning of this month, I parted ways with the Marine Corp. A slow sense of relief begins to roll over me.

199 () 2006-02-10
I wanted to bring this comment to the light of day. I got it off of a Techdirt article, and I completely agree with it. I’m not saying that people were healthier “in the old days”, but in my mind, unless you have some known medical condition that says otherwise, getting sick, getting germs, getting the occasional virus, and even some parasites is overall good for you. You should get all this as a child, your immune system then trains itself to fight off and recover from these diseases so they don’t affect you as bad later on in life.

197 () 2006-02-07
Happy belated Birthday Kristin. Yes, I knew it was coming up, I had the date at several points, and I did plan on sending a card, but as you know.. I’m not perfect. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for being my friend and for knowing me all too well.

198 () 2006-02-07
Oh, and I found this today. It’s a music video to the song Alive by P.O.D. This has been one of my favorite music videos for a long time – I love special effects that freeze liquid motion, and they did this one amazingly. Requires Windows Media Player or MPlayer (with appropriate codes). And here is the link.

196 () 2006-01-30
Slippery slopes, we all fall in.. what ever happened to my sure footing? Why do I fall down, why do others follow me down? If I miss the signs, will anyone ever give me warning? Who tells me when to stop, when I go too far? Oh well, my fault, my mess to clean. If you know me well enough to know what I’m talking about, keep me in your prayers, maybe drop me a line.

195 () 2006-01-27
Spambots are starting to wax poetic now. do cut hurt somewhere turnoff give for watch speak That stand fill A ask put lie know hurt sleep cancel look will try understand Are clean think right shut close lie open open close have sing we lose sing But fix change eat fly forget them tell reply

194 () 2006-01-26
Today I added the word qlolto WikiPedia to see if will become more popular. Essentially, well over a year ago, in rant 128we were discussing the fact that people don’t really laugh out loud when they say “lol”.. they just type it. So, we coined the term “qlol” to indicate that while we may be laughing, we’re doing it very quietly. I’ve been pushing this around to various friends and some of them have started using it on a regular basis, so now I’d like to conduct an experiment to see if others will pick up on it and start using it.

193 () 2006-01-20
Here’s a little something I made up after some recent grocery shopping expeditions. Shopping at the store, gonna get a lot of peachesPeaches come in a jarThey were put there by ThailandShipped to my townAnd if I had money to payI’d eat peaches everyday

192 () 2006-01-17
Grailingor more accurately, Holy Grailing is a time-honored pasttime where one quests for the Holy Grail. There is a lot of different stories concerning this grail, and while no one can agree on what it looks like, everyone agrees that it is lost and that “you’ll know it when you see it.” No one knows where the grail is, which means that it can be anywhere. Additionally, no one knows if the grail is stationary or mobile.

191 () 2006-01-16
Got this from Kristin

190 () 2006-01-10
The Weekend. I wrote about this weekend in an email first, and then slightly edited it for public consumption. Friday Chris and Jess came down. We were headed for Hoss' before picking up Robin, but the line was long so we went to Ed’s instead (Friday night fish fry). Usually, when a place has a fish fry, it’s all pretty much made up and ready to go. Chris and I ordered the fish fry, Jess ordered steak.

188 () 2006-01-03
I think I’ve become addicted. It started out with a busted lip a few months ago, which led to constant chapped lips. So I started using chapstick. I kept using it because my lower lip kept splitting back open whenever it chapped. So I moved up to “Carmex” which helped, but not enough. Then I stepped up even further a couple weeks ago to “White Petoleum Jelly”. I can’t stop using this stuff.

187 () 2006-01-02
The year drew to a close, and so does this saga. I don’t have my family’s Christmas pictures gathered together yet, but the rest of December’sis up for viewing. Some have asked me about New Year’s Resolutions. I rarely make them, because I make resolutions all the time. This year though, I decided to make one, but I’ve actually started it well before the end of the year. I want to remove those things in my life that seperate me from God (bad habits, ways of thinking, etc).

186 () 2005-12-29
The saga of the season continues… So I went down to Kristin’s the last two days. Originally, I had an invite to go visit April, and the bulk of my time was going to spent visiting her, with a visit to Kristin in the midst of it. Kristin herself warned me that she was pretty busy, but wanted me to visit. Then, April dropped off the face of the planet, and I had to change my plans to visit Kristin and stay until plans were made with April.

185 () 2005-12-26
Another day of Xmas gone by. Yesterday I went over to visit the family for our Christmas and there were all told about 15 of us gathered for the eating of food, exchanging of gifts, and catching up of events. I took several pictures with my phone, but I don’t have the cable yet to transfer them to my computer, and it costs some amount of money to email them to my computer (as well as a lot of button pushing, time waiting for them to transmit), so you will have to wait on those.

184 () 2005-12-25
Ok, let’s see.. to address an email sent to me, yes I am aware of the spam infection on the guestbook. I have plans to a) block the spam, and b) implement a comment system in the main page. I’m just very lazy about it. Ok, now for today’s events (journal like for now, but then I plan to get more rant-like later in the post. Ok, so while I was composing this entry in my mind, I came up with a quasi-philosphical/psychological question for myself to answer – I’m not even sure exactly what I’m asking, so this is my way of working it out.

183 () 2005-12-24
Hmm… what’s new? Well obviously it’s (for many people) Christmas day, unless your Orthodox Christian, in which case that’s (I might be wrong on this) January 6th. Anyways, per tradition, my family is having their celebration on Monday. I’ll be spending today drifting from family to family, spending time with friends. Going back a bit in time, traveling up to the present… I met a nice young lady online about a week ago (this is becoming a theme now, isn’t it?

182 () 2005-12-15
Oh, why am I one of the few that love winter, loves snow, performs best in cold weather? We’ve had our second snow storm of the season (yes, winter hasn’t officially started yet, I know – work with me here). I’ve had to shovel the parking lot three times so far. I’m not disliking that activity as much as previous years. In fact, it’s a great excercise – but I’m usually left standing outside in a t-shirt sweating profusely as the wind whips around me.

181 () 2005-12-12
Come home Sunday, walk to my room.. neither the microwave or the fridge are running. So, I check the power strips, unplug, plug back in, no love. Down to the basement, check all the breakers – only one is turned off. I can’t flip it on. Back upstairs, I notice another device plugged into the same circuit, I unplug everything on the circuit and try again. Still… no love. Hmmm… the breaker seems a bit loose in the box, so I turn off power to the building, fiddle with it, turn power back on, the breaker turns on, yet no love at the plugs.


179 () 2005-12-02
More pictures are up now.. basically I just grouped all of November’s (except the ball) into one album. Umm.. not too much going on, I feel like I’ve put my life on pause as I try to finish up some projects I’ve committed myself to. However, I am getting some good stuff accomplished that will help me out down the road, which is good.


177 () 2005-11-27
So yeah, it was a good holiday weekend. Met with family, met with friends (both local and long distance ones) and with the exception of some food poisoning (Which was healed within 4 hours, beat that!), I pretty much had a blast all weekend. I mean, healing is just amazing when it happens. Also, I managed to double the list of things that I know one of my long distance friends enjoys doing (bringing the total count to two).

176 () 2005-11-17
Turn to the left, turn to the right… potential problems fly by, I slip through in a frenzy of activity, and then I pause and breath. Take a moment, rock back on my heels, smile my happy smile and sigh. Friends appear, encouragement is shared and shared alike. I do good, I say, and I mean it as well. Time slips past me again, a raging torrent threatening to tear me from my precarious perch.

175 () 2005-11-16
Never, ever, let me have a bright yellow plastic slicker again. dorks of the night

174 () 2005-11-14
Sometimes when you think you have someone figured out, they can pleasantly surprise you. I guess it’s all part of growing up. Let’s see… the issue has become a non-issue, at least as far as I’m directlyconcerned, no one got injured, and with a flip of the switch, everything slides to the back burner, lowest setting. So movie night was a decent success. The movies themselves were pretty bad choices. We had (in order): Extreme Days, Kung Fu Hustle, The Ring 2, and Anchorman.

172 () 2005-11-10
So let’s see… a lot has happened, but little has been said. First off, moved the website to a different server, one that I have better confidence in (connectivity wise). I have not collected a drop of unemployment, not now, not ever. I am still living in a hole in the wall, still living on sandwiches, pasta, and handouts, but I am living and paying my bills. It has been over 6 months since my last paycheck of any kind (with no savings to speak of).

173 () 2005-11-10
I kind of ranted in haste about something that was troubling me without really giving the other person a chance to talk to me. I forgot today was Friday so I thought that they were ignoring me when I didn’t get a call early this morning. Oops. Another apology from me. This morning I woke up with a lot of clear thinking about a bunch of things. Some things are still tangled in my mind, some things were revealed to me that has made some simple things more complex, and some complex things more simple.

171 () 2005-11-01
Still no time for an update, but I figured I’d write down some songs I had made up during recent car trips. Your Minionsbest sung by a lot of burly guys in a bar holding beer mugsWe’ve got your back!We packed a snack!We’re on your side!(Some of us run and hide.)We’re your minions!We support your every decision!We have no opinions!Cause we’re your minions!A girl named KristinOriginally done as a rap song, can easily work as a country song, a pop song, or even a folk songStop, sit back and listen.

170 () 2005-10-31
Site is back online.. I’ve got a lot to talk about, and not much time, so I’ll post more when I can.

168 () 2005-09-05
Here we are several months home now. My evil twin is no longer “freeloading” at my place currently – he has gotten himself employed again. My shop has paid its own bills and occasionally paid for things like food and gasoline. However, it isn’t paying everything. I am considering my options at this point. I may have to take that unemployment I’ve held off on getting. On one hand, I’ve always wanted to get the business going on its own steam, but right now it (and me) needs a serious infusion of cash – all of the extra money has been going into building the cafe, and currently development in that direction has stalled completely.


167 () 2005-06-10
I have been having serious problems connecting to this site from my dsl connection, hence the lack of updates. However, I figured I should throw some stuff out here.


165 () 2005-04-11
I AM BACK. Well wasn’t that fun. While I can plan on not being deployed again, it’s now time for me roll the dice and see what life has in store for me. Interesting things are bound to occur. BTW, I’ve put out the first issue of JHN (John Hogenmiller News) on The Source of H. How is it that I can simultaneously feel like Mr. Awesome and a looser? I’ve climbed rocks, jumped out of windows, been shot at, did my own taxes, dated two strippers at the same time – from the same club, led a prayer group, out-chugged a chugger, hung drywall, hot-wired a car, sat home alone many a night, walked 3 miles barefoot through town just to say I did, got cut in a knife fight, choke-slammed a Marine, took out the trash, did laundry, and wear open-toe sandals.

164 () 2005-01-24
I haven’t really been watching this site too much recently since I’ve been mostly focusing on my other site Iraq again. Maybe once I get some of this other stuff out of my way I’ll post some more updates here. I’ve been working on a lot of stuff recently, from running the internet bunker, to my extending an accounting package, and working on coWiki. Cheers, Squegie

163 () 2005-01-02
I get a bit worried when someone will come up to me and sincerely thank me for something. I respond graciously enough with “no problem man”, but inside I’m thinking “Who is this person and what do they think I did for them?” Well, I guess it’s better than people coming up and cursing me out for things I don’t think I did.

162 () 2004-12-24
Happy Saturday! For those of you tuning in back home, then Merry Christmas! Here in Iraq, it’s business as usual, just another day. But it is also important to note that for me and my gange, we’ve past the halfway point and it’s all downhill from here. That is a good cause for celebration. Cheers.

161 () 2004-12-13
You know, sometimes it sucks knowing what the right course of action is. Instant gratification is a bitch to turn down, especially if you don’t know how well the “delayed gratification” will turn out. Why does doing the right thing seem like the boring one?

160 () 2004-11-27
I talked about it with some people, but now I have finally launched the site Iraq… again. I am going to put all Iraq-related blog entries and pictures on that site, so start looking there instead of here for a while. Of course, things that are just my usual musings and findings will naturally go here.

159 () 2004-11-26
From Slashdot:Yeah, but…they’re spammers. It’s like the Indiana Jones movies. Melting people’s faces is bad. Melting Nazi’s faces is awesome. Because, honestly, they’re Nazis. I’m not saying spammers are Nazis, just that we should melt their faces.

158 () 2004-11-23
Oh crap.

157 () 2004-11-22
Quick update. Dryden is now hosting his pictures on here as well. Check them out. You probably need to get to page 15 or so (can’t remember off hand, don’t feel like looking it up) before you get to the Fallujah pics. The rest are from Cali and before.

156 () 2004-11-21
I figured I should do an update as I haven’t done one in a while with all the stuff that’s been going on. We reopened the internet cafe about 7 days ago, and people starting coming back in from Fallujah around 6 days ago. They are rotating in for a couple days of R&R, and then back off to the city for 3-4 days. Basically, 4 on, 2 off, and so on.

155 () 2004-11-10
A moment of silence for our fallen heroes. Keep the members of our military and their families in your prayers.

154 () 2004-11-09
10 Nov 1775… 2004 229 years and counting. Today marks another birthday for the Corps. UPDATE: Still no major injuries for 3/5 or Truck Co Marines. Personal update: I finally got a vehicle to use while carousing around base.

152 () 2004-11-07
We have begun. It was pretty interesting yesterday when everyone was getting staged to go in. Last night, we took out an 8-building apartment complex and secured a hospital. Back here on base, all you can hear is the sound of artillery pounding away, all night and all day. There hasn’t really been any incoming. I think the insurgents are being kept pretty busy elsewhere. The next 14 days will be pretty darn interesting.

153 () 2004-11-07
BTW, CBS has the majority of the embedded reporters and should provide the most up2date news.

151 () 2004-11-04
Today’s a tight-lipped day. All comm is shut down, and that’s all I have to say about that. However, I can point you to some publicy available information that has been around for quite a while.

150 () 2004-10-31
I can’t say too much of what’s going on out here, but I guess if you read the news, you can extrapolate what is going to happen very, very, soon. It’s really wild to be part of a new-making organization. Imagine reading about things that happen just outside your door on the news the next day, knowing that people are hearing about it on the tv as well. When a jet breaks the sound barrier and shakes my house, I can read about air strikes on fallujah the next morning.

149 () 2004-10-30
Patron signs in. 21 is the next open computer, already written in next to his name. So I say:Me: You can get on 21.Him: (confused look) what?M: You can get on 21.H: Er no, it was already there…M: You can get on 21.H: I just signed up.M: You can get on 21.H: Oh. Ok. Thanks.M: No problem.Tell me again why I shouldn’t mock these people?

148 () 2004-10-20
Not a whole lot going on as of late. Things have been pretty slow at the cafe, but we have been bring some serious force to bear down on the insurgents of Fallujah. They’ve been retaliating with mortars out by my location, but so far they’ve done nothing more than stir up the fish. They were at it again before 5 this morning in fact. These people have no consideration for those that may be sleeping.

147 () 2004-10-18
Well, it’s been a while since my last update, so here goes. We have had all sorts of connectivity problems here. A crossover cable went bad (intermittenly bad), shutting down internet access. On the phone side, our modem went bad (slowly degrading over time), and then, we got hit by a virus on the computer side and segovia shut us off. These things happen I suppose, but when it all goes on within a weeks time, it tends to be very fustrating.

145 () 2004-10-08
Well, I have finally fixed the photo album so that I may upload new pictures. Then, after fixing it, I dedided to go ahead and upgrade from 1.2.1-p1 to 1.4.4-pl2. It has a lot new features (that I may never need), but it changed some of my template files, so the colors are all different now, plus you don’t get the links at the top. It seems to have the ability to have headers and embedd itself into webapps, so I may be able to get this fixed in a different way then before.

146 () 2004-10-08
OIF II pictures are uploaded! Check them out!

144 () 2004-10-06
I just got news (well, a day or two ago) that a former co-worker and good friend fell ill while on vacation. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. A day later, he went into a coma. Within a day or two, he was taken off of life support and died. The whole thing from feeling sick to death took place within a few days. Mark Strozzi, you will be missed.

142 () 2004-09-30
Very small update: The time changed in Iraq. So now, they are GMT+2 instead of GMT+3. So, noon in PA is 8pm here.

143 () 2004-09-30
I finally got to get ahold of Danielle last night. The last several times I’ve called her, I’ve always just missed her. The one time, she was at the fair, the next time she was working a 16-hour shift (and where she works, she’s not really allowed on the phone), the day after that I had just missed her leaving the house. However, I called at 1240am our time and got her as she was getting to the house.

141 () 2004-09-25
Well, I’ve been at the internet cafe for 5 days now and things are working out pretty good. I got a helper, and we worked it out where he takes the morning shift (5am-10pm) and I take the “evening” shift (8am-midnight) so we both get a decent amount of sleep and both of are covering during the busy times of the day. Some other good news is that I did my laundry and pulled out a fresh set of camies from the ol' seabag.

140 () 2004-09-20
For all ya people keeping track… I got it! I have just moved into the internet cafe in Iraq and will be running it for the next 7 months. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more skating to do. :}

139 () 2004-09-17
Well, all worked out well. We got into the air field on the 14th, and made our way into Fallujah by the 16th. They have decent internet access here, but the actuall facilities are crowded. Basically, everything is overcrowded with the number of Marines living here and all the generators are overloaded, meaning we can’t run all the “niceties”, but otherwise the base is pretty nice.

138 () 2004-09-12
Well, we have another flight scheduled for late tonight… anyone taking bets on wether we make to Iraq this time or not? In other news, I managed to get a shower and put on the same stinky clothes again. I won’t really get into my good clothes until we can really unpack. I’ll keep people posted as time permits. :}

136 () 2004-09-11
Touched down in Kuwait last night (9/11, a very commemorative date) and on our way to Iraq tonight. Things have improved a lot since last time. Lots of niceties, I suppose to contrast the bad situation going on outside the firm bases. Anyways, thanks for everyone’s support and prayers. If anyone would like to write:JOHN HOGENMILLER3/5 H&S CO MOTOR TTRUCK ATTACHMENTUNIT 40380FPO AP 96426-0380I’ll post more as time permits. Perhaps a nice log of my take on the war will be possible this time.

137 () 2004-09-11
Well, when we invaded Iraq last year, it was hailed as the largest inland movement by marines in history. Last night was perhaps the most inefficient movement by marines in history. We boarded a c-130 and took off, flew for about 15 minutes, and then you could feel the plane banking yet again, and sure enough, we were turning around. We landed back in Kuwait due to a hydraulic leak that they somehow didn’t catch prior to take off.

135 () 2004-08-13
ssh terminal

134 () 2004-08-03
I’m home right now on leave for a few days, trying to catch up with as many friends as I can. Sorry if I didn’t get to meet you while I’m back, but it seems everyone can only do stuff from 6pm - 9pm… :{ Anyways, I came across my old “asian” post on xanga, so here it is.

133 () 2004-06-19
With everything going on, I haven’t had a chance to post on here. I’m on deployment now, and probably won’t be back till at least March of ‘05. Those who know people that know me should ask around on how to get in touch with me. I may check my guestbook on here as well as my “deployment” email address.

CheckByNet () 2004-05-27
/* echeck.class, Copyright 2004 John Hogenmiller [email protected] This is an api to interface with ChecksByNet (, provided by CrossCheck, Inc. This program is in no way (currently) endorsed by Crosscheck, Inc., nor is the author in any way affiliated with CrossCheck, Inc. Distribution: This program is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. ( CONFIGURATION: Go to the function post_echeck and change the $payto and $paytoid variables to match what you have with ChecksByNet.

132 () 2004-05-20
I guess I just never realized how many hot women were out there wanting to meet me. Here’s an example:

131 () 2004-05-08
My life is not a movie.

130 () 2004-04-30
Site has been moved to a new server in preparation for “the end”, please stay with us as we work out “the bugs”.

129 () 2004-04-26
People are incomprehensible. I just got off the phone with someone who called up because they couldn’t get connected to the internet. They had a specific error message (error 678) that comes from doing thing correctly to connect. I had them restart the computer and wanted them to try connecting again. We then had to spend 15 minutes helping her find the connect to icon, as well as internet explorer. I just want to scream “how the #&)@ did you get nearly connected the first time!

127 () 2004-04-11
This was quite a weekend. Thursday started off like any other day.. get up, go to work, leave work. The change came when I got close to home and I decided on a whim to try and call up an old friend of mine (by old, I don’t necessarily mean that she is older than me) and actually got ahold of her. We talked and caught up on news till I stopped in the local BPs for some Chester Fried Chicken… the bomb* (*not affiliated with BPs or Chester Fried), where we talked some more before I could even order my chicken, and I got invited out to a biscuit and pepsi party, which got me mightily excited, as you can imagine.


126 () 2004-04-09
Scan the cafeteria for some good seating.Found a spot by the cheerleaders eating.The quarterback asked me if I’d like a beating.I said that’s one thing… I won’t be needing.And since I am so smart and cunning… I took off down the next hall running.Relient K rocksSo I took a look at my phone bill today. The total came to $179.12, which is slightly more than I’m used to paying (~$54). Intrigued I check out page 6 where I find two charges from ESBI which stands for Enhanced Services Billing Inc.

125 () 2004-04-06
For anyone watching the news (as it relates to Iraq) recently, you may start to notice something. In previous months (ie, between August and now), you may have hear reports like “soldiers picked off by drive by shooters” or “car bomb kill 4 coalition forces.” Well, my guys (I’m talking Marines here), went back into country this last month. The headlines now read “Marines are engaged in heavy fighting across the region” or “Marines get into firefight with rebels, destroy wall in the process.