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March 23, 2019 | TAGS: #clubcar #golfcart #alltrax500

This is an intro to my newest project. I picked up a 1999 Club Car DS “project cart”. It has an A-Frame 6" lift kit, 22" tires, a 10HP motor and an Alltrax DCX 500A controller. I have “all the parts” but the wiring needs completed, batteries added, and finally put back together. My goal is to have a silent EV for roaming around my property.

Mistakes: I called this a 10A motor, and that’s what the guy that sold it to me called it. It’s a 10HP motor. A 1HP = 746W (at 100% efficiency), that’s 7460W/48V = 155A. However, the efficiency and torque change with speed and load, so you end up with a a varying range of frequencies. Basically it’s quite possible to use 250-400 amps.

Parts in use: