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May 20, 2008 | TAGS:

Checking my voicemail:

I don’t recognize the name or know anything about the camera.  However, I have installed a few security cameras in my life and given out cards a couple years ago to people that were interested.  Then, I look up the number – it’s in  Meadville.  I have never been to Meadville – all of 3 hours away.  Does my Yellow Book ad reach Meadville?  It might, but it doesn’t have my first name or cell phone number on it. I call this fellow back and told him I was returning his call.  He was like

I told him that he might actually have the wrong company, or that someone was supposed to give me a heads up that never did – since until this call, I have never heard of their company or that I would have to access their camera through their firewall.  He then consulted a printed out email (from that Chris character) which had my cell phone number and the name was John S—.  So that’s interesting. Once I informed him that while it was my number, my first name, it was not my last name (plus the fact I am 3 hours away).  We discussed the oddity of that wrong number also being a John that has a computer firm and has worked with security cameras, but all in all, it was still the wrong number.