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Homelab Rebuild Part 2 (#homelab #rebuild #traefik #docker ) 2019-12-29
I realized so much of my reading on Traefik was based on 1.7 and I was running 2.0. I jumped ahead and set my image to 2.1.1 (latest as of this post). The big problem I had with that blog post was that for the main traffic instance with the redirect was not working. Because I have - "--providers.docker.exposedbydefault=false" I had to add these lines to the labels.

Homelab Rebuild (#homelab #rebuild #traefik #docker ) 2019-10-28
Background I have a homelab which has been grown organically with services installed by hand and placed randomly. I decided it’s time to rebuild it “in place”. Since this isn’t a production system, I have a lot of latitude in taking things down and redoing it. I do have a bunch of montoring data in influxdb that I want to keep, but most of the rest can go away. I’ll start first by figuring out what I have server wise.