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All The Changes (#meta #website ) 2017-05-07
tl;dr Here’s a quick summary of changes that have taken place: A new site Nifty Noodle People has been launched BCARS has been moved from mezzanine to wordpress and re-organized A new community forum site has been launched: Comments for BCARS and YourTech use the community site now. and YourTech Community now live on a dedicated VPS. is now using WordPress, though all content is still generated in Markdown.

things are in a state of flux (#meta #website ) 2017-05-06
UPDATE: Content has been re-added, but the published date information is still being corrected. I am migrating the site to a new server and from mezzanine to wordpress. There’s always a few thins to work out, and I should be able to restore the content sometime this weekend.